11 août 2015

,Coming up next at SXM la R3D ALERT at Red Diamond !!!!

Pre-opening ce Mardi 11 Aout 2015

For la first time in Sint Maarten la first wild party in a Hot Strip club

From 10 pm to 5AM

Be ready ready for this Mad Party !!!!!

RED club going up on tuesday

*Free Entrance

*3 R3D ALERT shots in one Shot à toutes les filles all night long
oui oui t’as bien compris, 3 shots offert in one time toute la nuit pour each girls

*Happy Hour from 10 PM to 12 PM

*Free LAPDANCE with l’achat d’une Bottle

Mixxx by SUPAYASS (Fr3nch Coq), DJ Viktorino and guests…

See u là bas

Boys venez accompagnés de girls